BRANDI BELLE - Having Fun With My Girls On La Playa When We Spot A Cute Guy

Hi guys!! This week, my friends and I decided to make our way down to the beach. It's the end of October and it's still hot here so we had to take advantage. We dragged my albino camera guy into the sun against his will, it was so much fun! As we were all tanning, I spotted a boy. A cute boy at that! You guys know what that means! When we were speaking to him, he let it slip that he wanted to take us all out to a nice dinner, which is so sweet. But you know me. Before I let any random guy take me or my girls out, we need to inspect the goods! We get the guy to take his clothes off for a "beach balls" inspection. You should find out if he passes! This episode is great, if I say so myself! It’s filled with sun and fun and small bikinis! Enjoy!